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Pierre N. Attallah For School Trustee 2026

St. James-Assiniboia School Division

Winnipeg, Manitoba (CANADA)


Wed, Jul 24, 2024

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Senior Administration Voicemail Denying PAC Executive (28s):

Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

There are several spots to be filled and I am only one voice. We need several candidates to join in the race. Contact me to hear how an amalgamated effort will be mutually beneficial.

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The Honourable Nello Altomare, Minister of Education
Room 168 Legislative Building
450 Broadway, Winnipeg MB R3C 0V8
Phone: (204) 945 3720

Call Wayne Ewasko's office 204-945-3720

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I support Pierre N. Attallah

October 26, 2022 Election Campaign

Audio Experience (40s):

Thank you for the many votes I received on October 26, 2022.

I grew up in St. James and attended the schools in this area graduating from the historical Silver Heights Collegiate. I have a great love for the community. The opportunity to serve and give back to my community is a great honour. I understand the importance of community. When I was growing up I struggled and received support directly from community members. This is my chance to give back.

I already have made contributions to the school by volunteering my time in the classrooms. I have also helped out as a lunchroom supervisor when needed.

Don't Just Play a Game. Make a Game!!!

I am an active Parent Council member at my children's school and have offered to bring my expertise to the classroom when it comes to programming their robots. I believe that teaching kids these fundamental concepts of computer coding is a major part of our children's future. Allowing them the opportunity to learn key concepts of coding at an early age is an important part of their future success and that of our economy.


I graduated from the University of Manitoba and have already served as a public servant for the federal government as well as the provincial government. Now I see a need for public service on the school board and I am stepping up for that challenge. With my expertise in my field, my ideas could save the school division money when it comes to technology. That money could be used by the other trustees who are screaming for more supports in the classroom. Such as social workers, educational assistants and child psychologists.

I look forward to hearing from my community members to hear what is important to them. Please call me to tell me what is important to you.

Privacy of Family Information

The School division has been using to collect sensitive, private & confidential information from families. By using this site parents have been sending their private information to another country governed by laws outside Canada which state that it may be shared in turn with other countries/agencies and/or Advertising partners. Canadian Law states that personal information must be collected directly from the individual and not leaked in this way. I would seek to correct this by having the information collected directly by SJASD locally in Winnipeg. This would save money and keep families information safe.

Teaching Acceptance & Kindness

I am the only candidate in my ward who is being open that I will vote No! once elected on SOGI123 to sexualize elementary students K-Gr4. We can teach our youngest students acceptance and kindness without subjecting them to sexually explicit imagery or asking them their sexual preferences. Further, according to the SOGI website that was provided to me from Eddie Ayoub (candidate for St. James Council) this program seeks to shut out any form of debate. Any program that shuts parents out has no place in public schools.

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